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I am Malea a child from the stars, a woman from the earth and so much more...


When I learned to slow down, celebrate my beautiful self, enjoy my beautiful body, love myself more every day and remember how it feels to be in tune with nature, with your my cycle. 

That's  when I came home to my temple body and expanded into my feminine power.

Once I understood and experienced how the universe works, everything became possible.

Once I started to trust the guidance from within and listened to my body, it felt like a magic wand.

Once I began to listen to my deepest desires, to break free from all that no longer serves, life gifted me with more than I could have ever imagined.

Slow down, celebrate your beautiful self, enjoy your beautiful body, love yourself more every day and remember how it feels to be in tune with nature, with your own cycle. 

Come home to your temple body and expand your feminine power.


I believe that you are here for something bigger and that you know that. You see how life is always guiding you towards that „something bigger“ and deep within you, you know now it’s the time to fully go for it. That's exactly what I was doing. I started to unconditionally trust in the divine guidance and just followed the voice within. And yes there are doubts and fears on the way, but it’s about your devotion. That devotion will always keep you going, no matter what, so you continue stepping into the mission you came here to fulfil. 

Why wait if you already know it deep within yourself... That subtle voice or feeling - you know it.


Just take one step! Show the universe that you are ready.


I am here exactly for those women

Who dare to voice their YES to themselves. 

Who feel the calling to jump, not making any more excuses or compromises. 

Who follow that feeling within, that feeling that excites them, that can feel soo scary and magnetic at the same time.


Yes, and you know that you don’t have to do these steps by yourself.

You know you can ask for support.


Trainings and Certifications

- Ashtanga, Hatha Yoga TTC in Rhishikesh (AYM Yoga school)

- Shamanic Tantric Yoga TTC in India ( Jessica Vilches)

- Tantric Medicine Women TTC (Jessica Vilche)

- Coaching Ausbildung (Hanna Augenstein)

- Breathwork Course in India

- Rose Mystery School (The ecstatic Self)

- Rose Dieta (The ecstatic Self)



When you work with me, you will:


Remember and reclaim your own magic

Know your unique gifts

Awaken your expanded potential in your life and business

Birth your own courses in alignment with what your soul wants to offer to the world

Tap into abundance in all areas of your life

Start or expand your own service/ business 

Embody your essence in life


My prayer for you is that you may remember the wonder you are and live a life

full of wealth and wonders.

Malea Mountain 2.JPG

Her path

Malea is great student of life itself, she believes that our full presence and openness and curiosity to learn from live experience is the best school. She is passionate to learn from the ancient wisdom and knowledge of other cultures and traditions. Bridging the new codes with the ancient remembrance is what she came her for to share with the earth. She received ancient yogic and tantric teachings from India, Southamerica and Egypt, which influences her own service and way of living.

One of her biggest teachers is nature, the elements and especially the waters of the earth.

Her own remembrance and the fire of her courageous heart guides her and gives an unstoppable force to create with love, joy, and grace what she came here for.


She is passionate about bringing healing and remembrance through movement and dance. She has been called by the waters of the earth and the rose to share their medicine through her. She shares their codes with deep gratitude and humbleness.

The codes bring remembering of the own soul blueprint and awakening of the divine feminine.



+49 (0) 177 6101615


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